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About Lofty Rankings

While everyone loves a personable approach and an actual relationship with the people they work with, it's easy to look down on a small operation as inferior in some way. When making the decision to leave agency work and freelance, I wanted a name for my organization that wasn't directly tied to myself. Lofty Rankings is the brand I've created in order to achieve that distinction. When you work with Lofty Rankings, you work with me. You meet with me. (sometimes virtually!)

Here's why that's a great thing:


About Jonathan Jenkins:

I am a veteran online marketing professional with 10 years of experience at a Fortune 5000 agency. My background includes all manner of online marketing, (including paid ads, social media campaigns, email newsletter marketing, etc.) but I focus on crafting digital marketing strategy and growing organic (unpaid search engine) website traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I take pride in long-term client relationships and longer lasting results.

I would love to forge a relationship with you. Whether you're a small organization or have your own marketing department but need something extra in terms of your digital marketing efforts, I can tailor my efforts to match your needs. Don't hesitate! Reach out today!

Jonathan Jenkins, Lead SEO Consultant and Founder, Lofty Rankings
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