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Online Marketing Onboarding


To Help Us Assess the Feasibility of Various Marketing Options

As a percentage, how many of your phone calls or contact forms/email leads turn into clients?
On average, how much money do you make per new client, after costs/expenses are subtracted.
To put it another way: What is the maximum you'd pay as a referral bonus if you could guarantee you'd get a new client out of it. We'll always try to get you leads as affordably as possible, but it's good to know what the acceptable range is.

To Help Us with Strategy and in Keyword Research

Include any larger focal towns/cities, but also include any neighborhoods or suburbs you serve if they have a reasonable population. (Particularly if the residents might search for your services in their area specifically.) Smaller towns will have less potential business, but usually are also less competitive and more affordable for ad targeting.
What services do you offer? We typically try to create service-specific landing pages to capture potential clients searching for those things specifically. These can be your more profitable services, or just those you enjoy providing. Please provide specific services in addition to your general line of work.
We will avoid referencing these services in your marketing.

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