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Click on any of the sections below for more detail, with links to view the units on show.

Friday, May 15th

First Half - Jayco Travel Trailers

11:00AM - Jay Flight SLX & Giveaway
Entry Level Jayco Trailers, Hitch Setup Giveaway
11:15AM - Jay Flights, Solar Flash Sale
Mid Level Jayco Trailers, Solar Panel Flash Sale, more!
11:28AM - Jayco Light Weights
Light Weight Jayco Trailers, Giveaways, more!
11:42AM - Jayco Eagles
Mid-level Jayco Trailers and more!
12:07PM - North Points
Luxury Jayco Trailers, Interviews, more!
12:25PM - Jayco Pinnacles
Top-of-the-line Jayco Trailers & Finance Questions

Second Half - Jayco Motorhomes

12:55PM - Welcome back! - Jayco Class C's
Entry Level Jayco Motorhomes, Interviews, more!
1:22PM - Jayco Class A's
Jayco Class A Motorhomes, Interviews & more!
1:27PM - Jayco Diesel Motorhomes
Jayco Diesel Pushers, Flash Sale, more!

Saturday, May 16th

First Half - Airstream Inventory

11:00AM - Nest & Basecamp
Ultra portable & modern! Generator Giveaway, etc.
11:08AM - Bambi & Caravel
Iconic compact Airstreams, Flash sale, etc.
11:17PM - Flying Cloud & International
Iconic Airstreams, Interviews, etc.!
11:33PM - Globetrotter & Classic
Iconic, Spacious Airstreams & more!
11:48AM - Airstream Interstate & Atlas
Airstream Motorhomes, Interview & more
  • 11:48AM - My Feelings about Airstream
  • 11:50AM - Intro to Airstream Coaches
  • 11:52AM - Interstate
  • 11:54AM - Atlas
  • 12:55PM - Intermission

Second Half - Motorhomes

12:13PM - Midwest & Pleasure Way Class C's
Top RVs from excellent brands
  • 12:13PM - Welcome back!
  • 12:14PM - Sanitation Process
  • 12:15PM - Intro to MW and PW
  • 12:16PM - Midwest Vans
  • 12:18PM - Pleasure-Way
12:20PM - Class C RVs
Leisure Travel Vans & Tiffin, Flash sale!
12:36PM - Class A Tiffin RVs
Class A Tiffin Allegros, Interviews, more!
  • 12:36PM - One Day or Day One?
  • 12:37PM - Intro to Tiffin Class A
  • 12:38PM - Tiffin Allegro 36UA
12:41PM - Tiffin Diesel Pushers
Diesel Class As from Tiffin, Interviews, etc!

Thanks for joining us!

We really appreciate you being a part of our first-ever virtual RV show! This is unchartered territory for us, but we've worked very hard to ensure you get the same fantastic experience and maybe even better prices than you would typically have access to at a traditional RV show.

Tiffin Motorhome

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There was a simple contact form here that tied into my clients' HubSpot workflow. From there, segmentation, follow up via email, the random selection of a name for the giveaways, etc. was straightforward.

This virtual RV show is a production of Vogt RV, Airstream of DFW, and Leisure Travel Vans, attempting to make the RV world a little more accessible during trying times. We're not settling, though. This is going to be a huge event and we're so happy to be able to invite you. We'd love to see you. If you haven't done so, why not register for the event!

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