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Case Study: Virtual RV Show

Assist with planning, marketing, and staging a virtual RV and travel trailer show during the COVID 19 crisis for a leading family of RV dealerships.

Individual Responsibilities

For a small marketing team tackling a big project, it's typical for everyone to wear multiple hats. My work touched on numerous elements of the project, but a few specific highlights were:

Keyword Research

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Keyword Research

Isolate a group of relevant search terms to target organically on our landing page, and for use in Paid Ads.

Landing Page Creation

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Landing Page Creation

Design and implement a bold, fun landing page to be visually appealing, mobile-friendly, and optimized to encourage conversions.

Breakout Rooms

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Breakout Rooms

Come up with a solution for breakout rooms, to ensure that interested customers can join a salesperson in a video chat during the show to ask questions and move towards a sale.

Quick Recap:

This video gives a quick overview of the entire project, as well as walking through the results in Analytics, our CRM, etc. Approximately 7mins long, this video will give you a birds-eye view of the work we did.

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In-depth Results

Click the tabs along the top for more details about each.

6559 Sessions

We completed and published the landing page on the 1st of May, meaning we have traffic starting about 2 weeks in advance of the show and tracking up until May 16th, the 2nd day of the show.



14.51% - Registration Form Submissions

Our Conversion Rate peaked at 22.8% the day before the show.

While we had traffic to the site from May 1st, we were only able to integrate goal tracking for our HubSpot form in time to collect 4 days' worth of data. There were still 4405 sessions during this window, so it's not an insignificant data sample.

Watch the video above for more context.

848 Registrants

Our Hubspot workflow captured some registrants before the Google Analytics tracking was configured, and the total number came to 848. 639 of those registered during the final 4 days while Analytics conversion tracking was firing correctly.

Total: 9,467 Viewers

I don't have screenshots for the Facebook stream, but these are the viewer numbers:

    • YouTube views - Day 1: 2401, Day 2: 2875
      • Total: 5276
    • Facebook views: Day 1: 2,816, Day 2: 1375
      • Total: 4191

Here are the screenshots for Youtube (as of 06/03/2020):

48 Units Sold!
(That's 46% of all units featured in the show!)
Trailers:  21 (50%) of the 42 sold / 7 carry-overs to June
Motorhomes:  8 (29%) of the 28 sold / 3 carry-overs to June
Airstreams:  19 (56%) of the 34 sold / 9 carry-overs to June
Even more impressive, across all 3 categories, there are 19 more units that were featured in the show that are reserved to sell in June. If those all sell successfully, the Virtual RV show will have successfully sold 64% of all the units featured!
(I'm afraid that as a consultant, I don't have access to the inventory management software used by my client, so I don't have any way to capture this via screenshot, but the following are numbers provided to me by one of my points of contact at the company, the Director of Marketing.)

Thanks for taking the time to review this case study. It was great to be part of such a unique project, finding ways to conduct business under extreme circumstances. I really appreciated the opportunity, and have been thrilled by the results! If you have any questions, I'd love to hear them!

If you'd like to get in touch, please fill out the contact form below and I'll respond promptly.


- Jonathan

Jonathan Jenkins, Lead SEO Consultant and Founder, Lofty Rankings
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